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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> france and germany call for talks. europe demands answers over spying allegations. e.u. leaders are talking about illegal immigration in the wake of the shipwreck. after years of political chaos, madagascar is going to the polls in long-delayed elections. it is the first presidential vote since 2009. we are getting more from the coordinator in madagascar on why political change is so badly needed. how would you fancy getting your hands on a piece of hollywood history? a memorabilia auction is taking place today.
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it includes the car from casablanca and jack nicholson's joker costume. you are watching "france 24." the continuing international fallout over claims of top-level u.s. spying. european leaders have been discussing the issue in brussels. france and germany have called for talks with the u.s. after claims the nsa tapped into the mobile of german chancellor angela merkel. leaked documents show 35 world leaders may have been under surveillance. >> looking for a solution to the nsa spying row. on thursday, angela merkel asked for an agreement with washington on ground rules for spying among allies. >> the franco german initiative
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goes far beyond the past. it is about establishing a common set of rules for intelligence relations. this should be done by the end of the year. >> the initiative comes after a series of u.s. snooping revelations. on thursday, "the guardian" reported at least ernie five international leaders -- 35 international leaders had been monitored. the nsa encouraged senior officials to share their contacts. the spy agency added foreign leaders phone numbers to its surveillance list. one official alone was said to have provided 200 numbers. the day before, the german government said it had information angela merkel's private conversations had been monitored. >> i think the most important thing at this juncture is to find a basis for the future in
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which we can operate. as i said today, trust needs to be rebuilt. >> holland has warned new revelations are still to come. that could be the case. in the latest development the italian newspaper reported the nsa had been spying on telephone traffic opening the way to a possible european spying scandal. >> authorities say nearly 700 illegal immigrants were rescued off the coast of sicily. illegal immigration is at the top of the agenda for european leaders meeting in brussels. thousands of migrants cross the mediterranean every year, many coming through north africa. we have seen recent shipwrecks off the coastlines. our correspondent has more on why trying to reduce the risk for immigrants coming into europe is a very tough task politically.
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>> between 2007 and 2013, the euro -- e.u. spent a lot of money on monitoring and enforcement. 1/10 as they have spent on agriculture and farm subsidies. other monitors say you need to step up the funding. you have the far right groups, golden dawn increase is very anti-immigrant. you have a lot of groups saying not to let them in. a lot of people are saying you need to he's access and find legal ways to let them come here are the far right is not letting that happen. politicians seem to be heeding the call of the voices on the far right. >> soldiers have launched a joint military operation in the north of mali.
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the french president says the aim is to fight against groups still operating in the desert zones. the offense of begin the day after a suicide attack in the northern town that killed two soldiers. france sent thousands of troops into mali the fight against jihadist groups there. one man in tunisia is reported to have been shot and injured during a clash with police in a suburb of the capital. reports say police fired on a group of men in a car who did not stop at a checkpoint. details are still coming through. there are contradictory reports. it is the latest incident of violence in tunisia. for the latest, we go to our correspondent. we are seeing rising tensions in tunisia with unrest and clashes with police in recent days. >> it appears the shooting this
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morning was not related to jihadist or terrorist activity. the latest we have heard from police sources a police officer said the men in the car on which the police opened fire or not religious extremists. it does point to the fact that the security situation is tense and police are on edge after we have seen three separate attacks on security forces in three different regions of the country in the past week and a half. nine security force agents have been killed in those attacks. that is quite unusual for tunisia. the ministry of the interior has pointed the finger for the attacks at an ultraconservative religious group that has thousands of followers in the country which the government classified as a terrorist group in august. the most worrying sign is there are certain signs more attacks
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are perhaps planned. six national guard agents were killed on thursday. a large quantity of explosives were found in the car at the side of the killings. tensions are quite high in tunisia. >> this is linked to political deadlock as well with dispute between the islamist led government and its opponents. where does that stand at the moment? >> negotiations were supposed to start two days ago. they were delayed by the attacks on security force agents. today they seem to be no closer to beginning. the interim prime minister has stated he will resign, but he has not given the opposition the guarantees they want that he will resign within three weeks. they want a clear time frame for change of the interim government from the islamist led coalition currently in power.
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right now, i he h given -- he has just given a statement to the mediators in the negotiating process detailing the conditions of his resignation. the opposition is currently looking at that document he presented and they are deciding whether it is enough to begin negotiating how they will go forward. >> continuing political instability in tunisia. thanks for updating us in tunisia. voters in madagascar are going to the polls this friday in a presidential election, the first since a coup d'état in 2009. whatever happens, madagascar will get a brand-new leader. the former president and his rival, the man who ousted him from power, are both banned from standing. 33 other candidates are running. years up local turmoil have hit madagascar's economy extremely
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hard. we spoke to those casting ballots to see how they feel about this vote. >> i have waited for these elections a long time because it is a way to secure equality and legitimacy on the international stage. it is very important for us to be able to get out of this crisis. it is quite unusual for transitional governments to complete their terms. >> frankly, i never thought these elections would take place. but today is the day, so i am very happy to be able to vote for the person i choose. i'm looking forward to putting my vote in the ballot box. >> we want to change this transitional government which has lasted for five years. that is why i want to vote for a new president. >> for more from madagascar, here is the u.n. coordinator in the country.
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i asked about how badly this election is needed for a new start following the years of political chaos. >> this election is expected by the population of madagascar. after five years of political crisis the country has plunged into desperation. today more than 80% of madagascar people live on less than a dollar a day. 52% of children under five suffer malnutrition. many people have left their jobs as a result of the political crisis. this new start will mean the engagement of international donors and probably the recovery of the economy within one year or two. in the past, madagascar has showed the rest of the world its capacity to recover quickly and
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go from a negative growth rate to a growth rate of over five percent. the country and the people have the potential to overcome this crisis. >> there is a large number of candidates, 33 in all. after all the turmoil and political conflict, do you think the results of this boat will be accepted? >> we do hope when we see the number of people who have shown up in polling stations this morning that they do trust the process. the united nations supports the political process. all provisions have been taken to provide international standards. we have been working with the board of registration to collect
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the ballots after the closing of the stations. international observers are in place in the country. we will be making our recommendation taste on the results we will be getting from the international observers. everything has been going smoothly. we are confident in the casting. we hope they will go home and we peacefully for the results. >> in china, the disgraced former politician has lost his appeal against a life prison sentence. the former politburo member appeared in court this friday morning where a judge upheld his conviction for corruption and abuse of power. the case was a huge scandal in chinese politics. his wife was jailed for killing a british businessman. critics claim his trial was politically motivated. >>fans of the silver screen have
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their chance to take home their very own piece of movie magic this friday. over 300 film props are being auctioned in a special sale in hollywood with some unique memorabilia up for grabs. >> perched majestically in this hollywood auction house, perhaps the most famous movie prop of all time -- the maltese falcon. it might be cast in lead, but it is worth its weight in gold. it is written -- expected to reach over $1 million. two identical statues were used in the classic. this one in particular has buyers aflutter. >> there are several different memos referring to it being dropped on set. if you look at the right tail feather of this one, you can see it has been bent from the fall. best of all if you watch the final moments of the film as humphrey bogart is carrying the falcon out of his apartment, you
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can see the bent tail feather. >> another high-priced lot this 1940 car used in "casablanca." also up for grabs, big-screen costumes like this racy leather jacket sported by steve mcqueen in the 1971 classic film and this delicately embroidered wool dress worn by gwyneth paltrow in her oscar-winning role in the 1998 what buster "shakespeare in love your code -- blockbuster "shakespeare in love." . >> do stay tuned for the latest international news coming up. ♪
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>> he debuts team a boost in the encounter with the croatians on thursday night. the 22-year-old made a bee line to the left. on 67 minutes he headed in the goal that led them to the top of the table. the spanish side reignited their qualification hopes. he provided a spark with a stunning effort on 50 minutes. hopes of remaining at the top of the group taking a dent. after day three, they are at the top of the table in the tightly contested group. the portuguese side slipped down. they will have a test against croatia in a fortnight's time.
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they have lifted themselves off the foot of the table with their first win in the campaign against cyprus. the french league was ahead after 24 minutes. it was equalized on 45 minutes. they got their first win in the group after 90 minutes. frankfurt has taken a serious step toward qualification following their two wins at home. they have maximum points at the halfway stage of the competition. next they travel to israel while bordeaux is in cyprus.
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they kept another clean sheet in their win. they headed home after winning and setting the european record. the french football clubs will go on strike for one weekend at the end of november in protest of the french government's supertax. the league matches beginning november 29 will be affected. the government wants those who make one million euros a year to pay 75% in tax. the other club which will not be paying the supertax is monaco. we have been saying it has a tax privileged that puts the rest of us on an even footing. these are just teed up clubs. the championships have 20.
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16 clubs are in deficit. this could force them into bankruptcy and affect the whole industry, which is in danger. the law makes companies pay the tax rather than employees. they say the supertax will deter people from coming to france. he escaped a ban on thursday for mimicking pointing a gun at the opposition bench in a game last month. the swedish striker made the jester when he was replaced in the match on september 28. the preliminary onj hearing reminded him of acceptable conduct. >> he has been cleared of wrongdoing after the television interview. the president highlighted the
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fact they have two big games in the future. now tennis and the hard court event where david ferrer reached the quarterfinals. this superb winner early on was a sign of things to come. ferrer broke the french player no fewer than four times on his way to the win in one hour and 10 minutes. he faces the polish player in the last stage. of where, jeremy chardy proved too strong for john isner. he did just enough to win the tiebreaker. isner has had a difficult year. chardy strings together two consecutive victories for the
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first time since wimbledon. he faces tursinov of russia in the last eight. ♪ >> today german web users react the latest nsa surveillance allegations. the european court of human rights ruling has spanish web users divided. we take a seat in a daring mountain bike ascent. france, mexico, brazil, and now germany have been victims of the surveillance program.
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the german magazine has reported the u.s. national security agency has also been listening in on chancellor angela merkel's phone calls. the usa has been quick to deny the allegation, but the story sparked lively debate among german web users. they've taken to social networks in droves. surprisingly, criticism is not directed as much towards the american services as much as angela merkel for waiting until her own phone was tapped before responding to the u.s. spying program. she called barack obama on wednesday demanding answers. many think this is too little, too late and she should have taken steps to protect the people of germany as soon as the revelations came to light in june. others are wondering what was said between and merkel and obama. they seem to think the u.s. president had a laugh at her expense as he reassured her germany was no longer under
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surveillance. it -- handful of web users have been seeing the funny side in giving not so pertinent advice on how to avoid being surveilled. she could cover her phone tracks by popping around to her neighbor's to make the phone call, for example. the european court of human rights ruled on tuesday that spain must release the activist from the separatist group who has been in jail since the end of the 1980's for her role in several assassinations and car bombings. supporters of the group have hailed the decision and have been sharing their joy in the streets and on the net. a person who wrote this tweet describes the news as good news for basques. spanish courts have kept the activist under detention since 2008 when she was scheduled for early release.
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the law allows the legal system to extend prison sentences even if the person has earned a sentence reduction. supporters and human rights activists have been campaigning online against it. lots of spanish web users have been voicing their approval of the law and posting pictures condemning the crimes committed by the separatist group. of victims of terrorism group has launched calls to start an online petition addressed to the european court of human rights asking for the ruling to be revoked. the ruling could lead to 50 activists being released. it has garnered over 30,000 signatures and counting. social networkers have been posting in support of the u.n. campaign aimed at exposing the widespread prevalence of sexism
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and discrimination against women. the u.n. has based it on information found on the web. web users the world over have joined the movement to achieve equality for women on and off- line. web users will soon be able to check out the white house's jacqueline kennedy garden and rose garden. they will have access to pictures. michelle obama will be publishing pictures on her official account giving web users an insider's glimpse into life at the official glimpse -- official residence of the u.s. president. this video puts you in the rider's seat. it was filmed by a professional cyclist by attaching a camera to
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his helmet. this action-packed clip will be a hit with the journaling junkies everywhere -- a journal in -- ad
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